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$99 delivers any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact us for options outside of this area.

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HRMXFP   Huge Mexican Fan Palm
HRMAFS   Huge Multi-trunk African Sumac Trees
HRMCRP   Huge Multi-trunk Crape Myrtle (Dynamite Red)
HRMTIP   Huge Multi-Trunk Tipu Trees
HRMPV   Huge Museum Palo Verde
HRNAM   Huge Native Mesquite
HROLE   Huge Oleander Trees
HRPINDO   Huge Pindo Palm Tree
HRPINP   Huge Pineapple Palm Trees
HRPQP   Huge Piru Queen Palm
HRPYG   Huge Pygmy Date Palm Trees
HRRAY   Huge Raywood Ash Trees
HRSHA   Huge Shamel Ash Trees
HRSAC   Huge Shoestring Acacia
BSHRSHOE   Huge Shoestring Acacia Trees - Blue Select
HRSIS   Huge Sissoo Trees
HRTIM   Huge Timber Bamboo
HRTIP   Huge Tipu Trees
zHugetreeplanting   HUGE TREE PLANTING
HRVIT   Huge Vitex Trees
HRWIL   Huge Willow Acacia
C1037   Japanese Privet Tree Specimen #1037
C1085   Japanese Privet Tree Specimen #1085
JRBMP   Jumbo Bismarck Palms #2145R
cKumquatA   Kumquat Trees 11-13 Years Old
cKumquat   Kumquat Trees 7-9 Years Old
cKumquatBB   Kumquat Trees 9-11 Years Old
cLemonA   Lemon Trees 11-13 Years Old
cLemon   Lemon Trees 7-9 Years Old
cLemonBB   Lemon Trees 9-11 Years Old
cLimeA   Lime Trees 11-13 Years Old
cLime   Lime Trees 7-9 Years Old
cLimeBB   Lime Trees 9-11 Years Old
MRBIS   Massive Bismarck Palm Specimens
HRCAM   Massive Camphor Trees
E1137   Massive Pineapple Palm Specimen
B1000   Mediterranean Fan Palm Specimen #1000
B1300   Mediterranean Fan Palm Specimen #1300
fMoonDust   Moon Dust Fertilizer
fMoonGreen   Moon Green
fMoonRoyale   Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer
GIFT   Moon Valley Nursery Gift Cards
C1291   Multi-trunk Piru Queen Palm
cNectarineA   Nectarine Trees 11-13 Years Old
cNectarine   Nectarine Trees 7-9 Years Old
cNectarineBB   Nectarine Trees 9-11 Years Old
noship   NO SHIPPING
cOrangeA   Orange Trees 11-13 Years Old
cOrange   Orange Trees 7-9 Years Old
cOrangeBB   Orange Trees 9-11 Years Old
PShrubs   Package Shrubs (4)
cPeachA   Peach Trees 11-13 Years Old
cPeach   Peach Trees 7-9 Years Old
cPeachBB   Peach Trees 9-11 Years Old
B1002   Pindo Palm Specimen #1002
B1003   Pindo Palm Specimen #1003
3052R   Pineapple Palm #3052R
PF8212012   Planting Fee
cPlumA   Plum Trees 11-13 Years Old
cPlum   Plum Trees 7-9 Years Old
cPlumBB   Plum Trees 9-11 Years Old
B1136   Pygmy Date Palm Specimen #1136
C1090   Raywood Ash Specimen #1090
C1091   Raywood Ash Specimen #1091
SHRYUC   Red Yucca
C1055   Resort Style Date Palm #1055
C1056   Resort Style Date Palm #1056
C1057   Resort Style Date Palm #1057
C1058   Resort Style Date Palm #1058
C1086   Shamel Ash Specimen #1086
C10001   Sissoo Tree Specimen #10001
fSoilWater   Soil & Water Conditioner
SHSOLE   Standard Oleander
SRACA   Super Acacia Anuera
SRACS   Super Acacia Saligna
SRAFS   Super African Sumac
SRAZA   Super Arizona Ash
SRBAS   Super Bonita Ash
SRCAT   Super Catalpa Tree
SRCHI   Super Chilean Mesquite
SRCRAP   Super Crape Myrtle
SRFTA   Super Fan Tex Ash Trees
SRILC   Super Ficus Nitida Columns
SRILT   Super Indian Laurel (Ficus Nitida) Trees
SRICY   Super Italian Cypress
SRJAC   Super Jacaranda
SRJAP   Super Japanese Privet
SRMAST   Super Mastic Trees
SRMXFP   Super Mexican Fan Palm
SRMAFS   Super Multi-trunk African Sumac Trees
SRMTIP   Super Multi-Trunk Tipu Trees
SRMPV   Super Museum Palo Verde
SRNAM   Super Native Mesquite
fPalmJuice   Super Palm Juice
SRPINP   Super Pineapple Palm Trees
SRPQP   Super Piru Queen Palm
SRPYG   Super Pygmy Date Palm Trees
SRRAY   Super Raywood Ash Trees
SRSHA   Super Shamel Ash Trees
SRSIS   Super Sissoo Trees
SRTIM   Super Timber Bamboo
SRTIP   Super Tipu Trees
zSuperplanting   SUPER TREE PLANTING
SRVIT   Super Vitex Trees
SRWIL   Super Willow Acacia
fMoonJuice   Supercharged Moon Juice
cTangeloA   Tangelo Trees 11-13 Years Old
cTangelo   Tangelo Trees 7-9 Years Old
cTangeloBB   Tangelo Trees 9-11 Years Old
cTangerineA   Tangerine Trees 11-13 Years Old
cTangerine   Tangerine Trees 7-9 Years Old
cTangerineBB   Tangerine Trees 9-11 Years Old
C1087   Tipu Tree Specimen #1087
C1089   Tipu Tree Specimen #1089
1113   Tipu Tree Specimen #1113
1114   Tipu Tree Specimen #1114
H2OCNSLT   Waterwise Design Consultation

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