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Trees For Sale

$99 delivers any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact us for options outside of this area.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

  1. Transplant warranty for trees & plants installed by Moon Mountain Tree Farms is three (3) months from the original planting date. Limited to 1 replacement tree per tree purchased. Replacement plants size 5 gal. or less, to be picked up & replaced by original customer with original receipt. NO WARRANTY IS PROVIDED FOR PLANTS NOT INSTALLED BY MOON MOUNTAIN TREE FARMS Clearance/Blue Select items are never warrantied, regardless of who performs the planting.
  2. Removal of raised earth wells voids warranty.
  3. Warranty applies only to the transplant and survivability of plant material
  4. Warranty does not cover negligent care, pest, or weather-related damage (i.e. wind, freeze, hail, etc.). Double staking does not provide any additional warranty against weather damage.
  5. All sales are final at time of purchase.
  6. Returned (NSF) checks subject to $30.00 fee.
  7. Approved refunds for store credit only
  8. Will call/layaway orders expire 1 year from initial payment
  9. Return trips for replacements are subject to a $69 delivery charge.
  10. Store credits expire 6 months after issuance
  11. Changes to invoices must be made at least 2 days prior to planting date
  12. Moon Mountain Tree Farms is not responsible for any damages caused by the following(Please take these into consideration when choosing locations to have items planted):
    • Normal digging or planting of trees anywhere on customer's property
    • Moving trees to the planting location (i.e. across patios, walkways, pool decks, curbing, etc.)
    • Encountering underground pipes, pool pipes, drip systems, irrigation lines, and/or other utilities while digging and/or planting of materials
  13. Delivery time quotes are courtesy estimates only. Delivery time is never guaranteed and is subject to change.
  14. $50 return trip fee applies if Moon Mountain Tree Farms can't perform work as scheduled:
    • Because of no access to planting area at time of delivery
    • Because location to plant is not clearly designated for all items
    • Due to pets not restrained that may risk safety of Moon Mountain Tree Farms personnel
  15. Moon Mountain Tree Farms is not responsible for pets not restrained during or after completion of job.
  16. Crane fees, if necessary, are not included and paid additionally by customer (including replacement trees, if applicable)
  17. Moon Mountain Tree Farms DOES NOT remove trees, vegetation or tree stumps.
  18. Moon Mountain Tree Farms employees do not perform any work that is not invoices. Any unspecified and undocumented work performed is not approved, insured, warrantied, or guaranteed in any way by Moon Mountain Tree Farms
  19. Gift cards or gift certificates can not be replaced or refunded if lost.
  20. Moon Mountain Tree Farms is not liable for customer's H.O.A. acceptance or denial of plant material. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure plants and trees being installed is allowed by H.O.A's or similar groups
  21. Customer is responsible for any & all legal fees in the event of dispute regarding this agreement
  22. These are official terms of sale. No other terms, verbal, written, or implied are valid