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1yr Extended Warranties
Extended Warranties

1 year extended warranties
Soil and Water Conditioner
Soil & Water Conditioner
Our Price: $19.99

Gypsum and Sulfur in one product
  • Improved fertilizer results for healthier plants, trees and lawns
  • Improved water penetration and drainage
  • Looser, softer soil
  • Reduced salt buildup in soil
  • 20% Gypsum (Ca)
  • 14% Sulfur (S)
Current Price: $29.99
8-0-8 Palm Supplement
8-0-8 Palm Supplement
Our Price: $19.99

Special formulation for stronger, healthier palms
  • Use with Moon Dust Organic Blend
  • Helps cure 'frizzle top' and yellow, stunted palm growth
  • Keep the Tropical Beauty in your desert palms
  • 8-0-8 with special micronutrients just for palm trees
Current Price: $29.99
Moon Royale
Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer
Our Price: $29.99

Quick and Lasting Green for lawns
  • Quality pellet fertilizer for easy application
  • Concentrated - 20 lb. bag covers four thousand square feet
  • Sulfur and iron for desert soils
  • 19-6-13 fertilizer
Current Price: $29.99
Supercharged Moon Juice
Supercharged Moon Juice
Our Price: $39.99

Amino acid blend to trigger growth response in trees and shrubs
  • Amino acid blend to trigger growth response in trees and shrubs.
  • Aids in recovery from damage from heat stress, transplant shock and frost
  • Improved results from fertilizers
  • Stimulates root-hair development
  • Good on sick plants? See what it does for healthy trees and shrubs!
  • First Liquid technology
Current Price: $39.99
Super Palm Juice
Super Palm Juice
Our Price: $39.99

Finally - A liquid supplement for palms!
  • Faster acting, easier to use
  • Fertilizer and micronutrients
  • Lush green fronds for Queen Palms
  • More consistent growth for all palms
  • Furst Liquid technology
Current Price: $39.99
Moon Dust
Moon Dust Fertilizer
Our Price: $39.99

All Purpose Fertilizer for Desert Soils
  • Excellent for all trees and shrubs in desert soils
  • Fast acting greening - Noticeable improvement in 1 week in most cases
  • Easy to apply - Spread on top of soil and water into the roots system
  • 16-8-4 Formula proven by nurserymen and farmers for decades
Current Price: $39.99
Moon Green
Moon Green
Our Price: $39.99

Cures and prevents yellow leaves and grass
  • Easy to use concentrated liquid - just mix with water!
  • Combats Iron Chlorosis - #1 cause of yellowing grass & foliage
  • Perfect for Summer use - helps protect plants against extreme heat
  • Reduces soil alkalinity and increases water permeation
  • Contains Furst Liquid to stimulate new and improved growth
Current Price: $39.99
Moon Dust
Desert Juice
Our Price: $39.99

Strengthens and helps keep cacti, succulents, and agave looking great!
  • Creates Stronger Plant Structure!
  • Increase Spring Bloom
  • Help Resist Fungal Infections
  • Helps Recover from Frost/Freeze Damage as well as Heat Stress
  • Contains Furst Liquid to stimulate new and improved growth
Current Price: $39.99
Moon Valley Nursery Gift Cards
Moon Valley Nursery Gift Cards
Our Price: $50.00

Moon Valley Gift Cards are the perfect gift for new home owners, Mom, Dad, or just about anyone that loves trees and plants! Get your shopping done in a flash with a Moon Valley Gift Card! Make the homeowner or tree lover in your life happy with the gift that keeps on giving!

Gift Cards sent via US Mail to the "shipping address" used in the shopping cart (if none is provided, we'll ship to the billing address).