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$99 delivers any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact us for options outside of this area.

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Timber Bamboo Italian Cypress
Timber Bamboo is an extremely adaptive and easy to grow tropical accent that stands out in any landscape application
Cupressus sempervirens
Italian Cypress make a fantastic hedge anywhere they're planted, as they add a very formal and clean tuscan appearance while keeping their trademark shape with very little maintenance required.
Juniper Japanese Privet
Juniper communis
Spartan Junipers are our choice Juniper variety for Houston, as they're a resilient tree capable of producing rich, vibrant greens resulting in dense and attractive foliage.
Japanese Privet provide both year-round shade and big seasonal color requiring very little maintenance. They're very easy to grow and ideal for the inexperienced landscaper.
Carolina Cherry
These dark, deep green and brown evergreens love the desert climate, making for excellent year-round hedges that produce thick shade.