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Moon Valley Nurseries proprietary fertilizers COMING SOON!!
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Soil and Water Conditioner
Soil & Water Conditioner
Our Price: $19.99

Gypsum and Sulfur in one product
  • Improved fertilizer results for healthier plants, trees and lawns
  • Improved water penetration and drainage
  • Looser, softer soil
  • Reduced salt buildup in soil
  • 20% Gypsum (Ca)
  • 14% Sulfur (S)
Current Price: $29.99
8-0-8 Palm Supplement
8-0-8 Palm Supplement
Our Price: $19.99

Special formulation for stronger, healthier palms
  • Use with Moon Dust Organic Blend
  • Helps cure 'frizzle top' and yellow, stunted palm growth
  • Keep the Tropical Beauty in your desert palms
  • 8-0-8 with special micronutrients just for palm trees
Current Price: $29.99
Moon Royale
Moon Royale Turf Fertilizer
Our Price: $29.99

Quick and Lasting Green for lawns
  • Quality pellet fertilizer for easy application
  • Concentrated - 20 lb. bag covers four thousand square feet
  • Sulfur and iron for desert soils
  • 19-6-13 fertilizer
Current Price: $29.99
Supercharged Moon Juice
Supercharged Moon Juice
Our Price: $39.99

Amino acid blend to trigger growth response in trees and shrubs
  • Amino acid blend to trigger growth response in trees and shrubs.
  • Aids in recovery from damage from heat stress, transplant shock and frost
  • Improved results from fertilizers
  • Stimulates root-hair development
  • Good on sick plants? See what it does for healthy trees and shrubs!
  • First Liquid technology
Current Price: $39.99
Super Palm Juice
Super Palm Juice
Our Price: $39.99

Finally - A liquid supplement for palms!
  • Faster acting, easier to use
  • Fertilizer and micronutrients
  • Lush green fronds for Queen Palms
  • More consistent growth for all palms
  • Furst Liquid technology
Current Price: $39.99
Moon Dust
Moon Dust Fertilizer
Our Price: $39.99

All Purpose Fertilizer for Desert Soils
  • Excellent for all trees and shrubs in desert soils
  • Fast acting greening - Noticeable improvement in 1 week in most cases
  • Easy to apply - Spread on top of soil and water into the roots system
  • 16-8-4 Formula proven by nurserymen and farmers for decades
Current Price: $39.99
Moon Green
Moon Green
Our Price: $39.99

Cures and prevents yellow leaves and grass
  • Easy to use concentrated liquid - just mix with water!
  • Combats Iron Chlorosis - #1 cause of yellowing grass & foliage
  • Perfect for Summer use - helps protect plants against extreme heat
  • Reduces soil alkalinity and increases water permeation
  • Contains Furst Liquid to stimulate new and improved growth
Current Price: $39.99