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Cottonwood Chinese Evergreen Elm
Populus fremontii
The Cottonwood is a super fast-growing tree that's well suited for shading large areas or providing a wind break for larger properties.
Ulmus parvifolia
Commonly grown in most of the Southern U.S. for over a century, Chinese Elms still remain a highly popular choice for shade in any landscape application.
Shamel Ash Brazilian Pepper
Fraxinus udhei
This is the number one selling ash variety that we carry. It's big, has a perfect shape, and grows extremely fast! Plant anywhere shade is needed.
Schinus terebinthifolius
One of our all-time favorite evergreen trees, they're available in single and multiple trunk styles. The Brazilian Pepper's dark green foliage looks great in many landscape styles.
California Pepper Chinese Pistache
Schinus molle
This large evergreen tree provides the incredible weeping appearance of a traditional weeping willow, only it uses a quarter of the water and keeps its leaves all year long! 
The Chinese Pistache is a fast-growing and dense hardwood that produces a thick green foilage which turns a beautiful red-orange color in the fall.
Arizona Ash Majestic Beauty Ash
Fraxinus velutina
This is large & very fast growing ash. Native to California, it performs well at low elevations & provides maximum shade in the summer  while allowing brief sun in the winter during its deciduous period. 
Majestic Beauty Ashes boast large and gorgeous semi-evergreen canopies and grow quite rapidly, quickly establishing a large amount of shade in your landscape.
Fan Tex Ash Raywood Ash
This medium - large ash variety performs well in the Southern U.S. Slightly rounded in shape and a little smaller than Shamel ash, this shade tree is perfect for almost any residential or commercial application.
Fraxinus oxycarpa
This is the darkest green of all the Ash varieties available. During fall, this tree is dominated by a rich burgundy color before it's brief  deciduous period, giving a much needed "fall" feeling to California.