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$99 delivers any sized order within 15 miles of the nursery location. Contact us for options outside of this area.

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GIFT1999   $1999.99 Holiday Gift Card with $600 Bonus!! BEST VALUE!
fpalm808   8-0-8 Palm Supplement
ASPACA   A-Spec Acacia Anuera
ASPACS   A-Spec Acacia Saligna
ASPAFS   A-Spec African Sumac
ASPAZA   A-Spec Arizona Ash
ASPAUS   A-Spec Australian Bottle Trees
ASPBBAM   A-Spec Black Bamboo
ASPBAS   A-Spec Bonita Ash
ASPBRA   A-Spec Brazilian Pepper Trees
ASPCAP   A-Spec California Pepper Trees
ASPCAC   A-Spec Carolina Cherry
ASPCAT   A-Spec Catalpa Tree
ASPCHI   A-Spec Chilean Mesquite
ASPCRPP   A-Spec Chinese "Red Push" Pistache
ASPCHE   A-Spec Chinese Evergreen Elm
ASPCHT   A-Spec Chitalpa Tree
ASPDPINDO   A-Spec Double-Trunk Pindo Palm Tree
ASPDWINP   A-Spec Double-trunk Windmill Palm
ASFTA   A-Spec Fan Tex Ash Trees
ASPILC   A-Spec Ficus Nitida Columns
ASPILT   A-Spec Ficus Nitida Trees
ASPFLP   A-Spec Flowering Pear Trees
ASICY   A-Spec Italian Cypress
ASPJAC   A-Spec Jacaranda
ASPJAP   A-Spec Japanese Privet
ASPOAK   A-Spec Live Oak Trees
ASPMAG   A-Spec Magnolia Trees
ASPMAST   A-Spec Mastic Trees
ASPMEDP   A-Spec Mediterranean Fan Palm
ASPMXFP   A-Spec Mexican Fan Palm
ASPMCRP   A-Spec Multi-trunk Crape Myrtle (Pink)
ASPMCRW   A-Spec Multi-trunk Crape Myrtle (White)
ASPMTIP   A-Spec Multi-Trunk Tipu Trees
ASMPV   A-Spec Museum Palo Verde
ASPNAM   A-Spec Native Mesquite
ASPOLE   A-Spec Oleander Trees
ASPORC   A-Spec Orchid Trees (Hong-Kong)
ASPPINDO   A-Spec Pindo Palm Tree
ASPPINP   A-Spec Pineapple Palm Trees
ASPPQP   A-Spec Piru Queen Palm
ASPPYG   A-Spec Pygmy Date Palm Trees
ASPRAY   A-Spec Raywood Ash Trees
ASRSHA   A-Spec Shamel Ash Trees
ASPSIS   A-Spec Sissoo Trees
ASPTIM   A-Spec Timber Bamboo
ASPTIP   A-Spec Tipu Trees
zAspecplanting   A-Spec TREE PLANTING
ASPTWINP   A-Spec Triple-trunk Windmill Palm
ASPVIT   A-Spec Vitex Trees
ASPWIL   A-Spec Willow Acacia
ASPWINP   A-Spec Windmill Palm
cAppleA   Apple Trees 11-13 Years Old
cApple   Apple Trees 7-9 Years Old
cAppleBB   Apple Trees 9-11 Years Old
cApricotA   Apricot Trees 11-13 Years Old
cApricot   Apricot Trees 7-9 Years Old
cApricotBB   Apricot Trees 9-11 Years Old
B1112   Australian Bottle Tree Specimen
SHAZYB   AZ Yellow Bells
zBspecplanting   B SPEC TREE PLANTING
BSPACA   B-Spec Acacia Anuera
BSPACS   B-Spec Acacia Saligna
BSPAZA   B-Spec Arizona Ash
BSPAUS   B-Spec Australian Bottle Trees
BSPBAS   B-Spec Bonita Ash
BSPBRA   B-Spec Brazilian Pepper Trees
BSPCAP   B-Spec California Pepper Trees
BSPCAM   B-Spec Camphor Trees
BSPCHI   B-Spec Chilean Mesquite
BSPCRPP   B-Spec Chinese "Red Push" Pistache
BSPCRAP   B-Spec Crape Myrtle
BSFTA   B-Spec Fan Tex Ash Trees
BSPILT   B-Spec Ficus Nitida Trees
HRFLP   B-Spec Flowering Pear Trees
BSFRO   B-Spec Fruitless Olive Tree
BSPJAC   B-Spec Jacaranda
BSPJAP   B-Spec Japanese Privet
BSPOAK   B-Spec Live Oak Trees
BSPMAG   B-Spec Magnolia Trees
BSPMEDP   B-Spec Mediterranean Fan Palm
BSPMXFP   B-Spec Mexican Fan Palm
BSMPV   B-Spec Museum Palo Verde
BSPNAM   B-Spec Native Mesquite
BSPORC   B-Spec Orchid Trees (Hong-Kong)
BSPPINP   B-Spec Pineapple Palm Trees
BSPPQP   B-Spec Piru Queen Palm
BSPRAY   B-Spec Raywood Ash Trees
BSPSIS   B-Spec Sissoo Trees
BSPTIP   B-Spec Tipu Trees
BSPVIT   B-Spec Vitex Trees
BSPWIL   B-Spec Willow Acacia
BBRACA   Blockbuster Acacia Anuera
BBRACS   Blockbuster Acacia Saligna
BBRAZA   Blockbuster Arizona Ash
BBRBAY   Blockbuster Bay Laurel
BBRBAS   Blockbuster Bonita Ash
BBRBRA   Blockbuster Brazilian Pepper Trees
BBRCAM   Blockbuster Camphor Trees
BBRCAC   Blockbuster Carolina Cherry
BBRCCH   Blockbuster Carolina Cherry
BBRCAT   Blockbuster Catalpa Tree
BBRCHI   Blockbuster Chilean Mesquite
BBRCRPP   Blockbuster Chinese "Red Push" Pistache
BBRCHE   Blockbuster Chinese Evergreen Elm
SRCHE   BLockbuster Chinese Evergreen Elm
BBRCHT   Blockbuster Chitalpa Tree
BBRCRAP   Blockbuster Crape Myrtle
BBRFTA   Blockbuster Fan Tex Ash Trees
BBRILC   Blockbuster Ficus Nitida Columns
BBRILT   Blockbuster Ficus Nitida Trees
BBRFLP   Blockbuster Flowering Pear Trees
BBRICY   Blockbuster Italian Cypress
BBRJAC   Blockbuster Jacaranda
BBRJAPB   Blockbuster Japanese Blueberry
BBRJAP   Blockbuster Japanese Privet
BBROAK   Blockbuster Live Oak Trees
BBRMAG   Blockbuster Magnolia Trees
BBRMAST   Blockbuster Mastic Trees
BBRMEDP   Blockbuster Mediterranean Fan Palm
BBRMXFP   Blockbuster Mexican Fan Palm
BBRMCRP   Blockbuster Multi-trunk Crape Myrtle (Pink)
BBRMTIP   Blockbuster Multi-Trunk Tipu Trees
BBRMPV   Blockbuster Museum Palo Verde
BBROLE   Blockbuster Oleander Trees
BBRORC   Blockbuster Orchid Trees (Hong-Kong)
BBRPINP   Blockbuster Pineapple Palm Trees
BBRPQP   Blockbuster Piru Queen Palm
BBRPYG   Blockbuster Pygmy Date Palm Trees
BBRRAY   Blockbuster Raywood Ash Trees
BBRSHA   Blockbuster Shamel Ash Trees
BBRSIS   Blockbuster Sissoo Trees
BBRTIM   Blockbuster Timber Bamboo
BBRTIP   Blockbuster Tipu Trees
BBRVIT   Blockbuster Vitex Trees
BBRWIL   Blockbuster Willow Acacia
BSHRILT   Blue Select Huge Ficus Nitida Trees
SHBOUG   Bougainvillea
SHBOXB   Boxwood Beauty
zcspecplanting   C SPEC TREE PLANTING
CSPAZA   C-Spec Arizona Ash
CSPAUS   C-Spec Australian Bottle Trees
CSPBAS   C-Spec Bonita Ash
CSPBRA   C-Spec Brazilian Pepper Trees
CSPCHI   C-Spec Chilean Mesquite
CSPCRPP   C-Spec Chinese "Red Push" Pistache
CSCRAP   C-Spec Crape Myrtle (Tuscarora Pink)
CSFTA   C-Spec Fan Tex Ash Trees
CSPILC   C-Spec Ficus Nitida Columns
CSPILT   C-Spec Ficus Nitida Trees
CSICY   C-Spec Italian Cypress
CSPJAC   C-Spec Jacaranda
CSPMAG   C-Spec Magnolia Trees
CSPMEDP   C-Spec Mediterranean Fan Palm
CSPMXFP   C-Spec Mexican Fan Palm
CSMPV   C-Spec Museum Palo Verde
CSPORC   C-Spec Orchid Trees (Hong-Kong)
CSPPINP   C-Spec Pineapple Palm Trees
C1294   C-Spec Piru Queen Palm
CSPRAY   C-Spec Raywood Ash Trees
CSPSIS   C-Spec Sissoo Trees
CSPTIP   C-Spec Tipu Trees
CSPWIL   C-Spec Willow Acacia
B1314   California Pepper Specimen #1314
SHCAPE   Cape Honeysuckle
fDESERTJUICE   Desert Juice
DBLSTK   Double Staking
SHDOLE   Dwarf Oleander
1yrwarranties   Extended Warranties
B1141   Fruitless Olive Tree Specimen #1141
SHGARD   Gardenia
cGrapefruitA   Grapefruit Trees 11-13 Years Old
cGrapefruit   Grapefruit Trees 7-9 Years Old
cGrapefruitBB   Grapefruit Trees 9-11 Years Old
SHHIBI   Hibiscus
HRACA   Huge Acacia Anuera
HRACS   Huge Acacia Saligna
HRAFRS   Huge African Sumac
HRAZA   Huge Arizona Ash
HRAUS   Huge Australian Bottle Trees
HRBAY   Huge Bay Laurel
HRBAS   Huge Bonita Ash
HRCAP   Huge California Pepper Trees
HRCAC   Huge Carolina Cherry
HRCHI   Huge Chilean Mesquite
HRCRPP   Huge Chinese "Red Push" Pistache
HRCHE   Huge Chinese Evergreen Elm
HRCHT   Huge Chitalpa Tree
HRCRAR   Huge Crape Myrtle (Dynamite Red)
HRCRAP   Huge Crape Myrtle (Purple)
HRFTA   Huge Fan Tex Ash Trees
HRILC   Huge Ficus Nitida Columns
HRILT   Huge Ficus Nitida Trees
HRICY   Huge Italian Cypress
HRJAC   Huge Jacaranda
HRJAP   Huge Japanese Privet
HROAK   Huge Live Oak Trees
HRMAG   Huge Magnolia Trees
HRMAST   Huge Mastic Trees

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